Christian Community of London



At the Christian Community of London, we believe that as children of God we must show compassion for the souls in need. We as Christians must manifest the Love of God not just through words but with action because as they say 'One action speaks beyond a million words'.

We have various groups directed by different committed members of the church who are responsible for making these social work projects successful on a continual basis. These individuals give their time, love and hard work as volunteers. Other than missions and social work being a fundamental of our Church, the Word of God also instructs us to do so.

Twice a month, a team of volunteers from the CCL go out to various locations in the city of London where there is a large amount of homeless people. During the other weeks, the team are busy collecting clothing, bedding, food, toiletries, bibles, etc which is then donated to the homeless. They take this opportunity to speak to these individuals about the gospel and the love of God.



Two Fridays a Month


Charing Cross and Stratford

What to bring?

A helping hand, a listening ear, and a warm smile

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